Nyepi Day Notification

Please be informed that Nyepi Day (Silence Day) in Bali falls on 14th of March 2021, guests are not allowed to leave the hotel during Nyepi. All visitors are asked to respect this especially sensitive tradition in the following ways:

  • You are requested not to leave the Hotel property between midnight Saturday, 13th of March until 6am Monday, 15th of March.
  • Last schedule for hotel shuttle is at 15.00 PM.
  • Please minimize all lighting especially those on the exterior of Prime Plaza Suites e.g. kitchen windows and corridors. Ensure your curtains are fully closed before turning on interior lights.
  • Keep noise to a minimum, especially in areas where it may carry to the surrounding village. 
  • Guest activities and Food & Beverage Service will remain open.  Outside food & beverage is to be consumed in the room and not by the pool. 
  • During Nyepi period there are tight rules and guidelines of food service. Please refer to posters throughout the Suites or the specific print pieces in your room to get further details on our various Food & Beverage services and hours of operation.
  • Room Service will operate as normal. 
  • On Nyepi day, camp splash pool will be closed while main pool will open from 8 am until 6 pm.


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