December 2017

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December 2017 Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali E-news

Warmest greetings from Bali and welcome to the last newsletter for 2017! In this edition we have officially changed the hotel’s name, also we are very proud to announce that we have been awarded Emerald at the Tri Hita Karana Awards night. Important updated information for Mt. Agung and a one of a kind tradition in celebrating our gratitude to our beloved pets and animals!

The whole team at Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and we look forward to welcome you back in 2018.

We Are Now Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali

On the 15th December 2017 the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites was officially renamed as the Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali. This small, but significant name change is essential for the properties to be recognized as part of the Prime Plaza Hotels and Resorts group which currently manage 13 properties across Indonesia. The same friendly staff will continue to offer the same Balinese hospitality throughout our hotel. 

Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali Receives Emerald At the Tri Hita Karana Awards Night

Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese Hindu concept that relates three sources of harmony and balance, between humanity and God almighty (Parhyangan), between humans and humans (Pawongan), and between humans and the environment (Palemahan). These three sources are important to the Balinese community in order to create harmony and to give balance in life.

Prime Plaza Suites Sanur – Bali is proud to announce that for three consecutive years we have been awarded the Emerald Tri Hita Karana award. Tri Hita Karana accreditation is organized by the Tri Hita Karana Bali foundation and is fully supported by the Bali Government. The award recognizes the above practices that the hotel has incorporated into its business practices in order to work in a peaceful and harmonious way.

There are five categories of the awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, and Platinum. It is indeed a great privilege to be awarded the Emerald category; it showcases how serious Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali is in constantly maintaining the environmental aspects of life amongst the community.

Our General Manager, Mr. Stuart Bolwell says, "We are committed towards supporting the Tri Hita Karana’s principles in our daily operation, in order to preserve local values, protect the environment and to contribute towards the local community, for 2018 we will be aiming for the highest category, PLATINUM.

Update with Mount Agung

A message from the Bali Tourism Board on Mount Agung:

An exclusion zone covering approximately 10km radius from the Mountain's peak has been determined as being at direct threat from any potential eruption. The Balinese community living in the exclusion zone have been temporary relocated to camps outside the zone under threat. If a large scale eruption should tale place, we would anticipate no casualties.

Outside the exclusion zone lays the rest of Bali, an area equivalent to 98% of the Island's land mass where visitors are still enjoying a carefree and safe holiday.

The fear of potentially being stranded in has been addressed by establishing alternative routes via land and sea to other gateways, such as Surabaya and Banyuwangi in East Java. The airport closed once for just 2.5 days in late November, and guests needing to continue their travels were able to do so via Surabaya or

Banyuwangi to connect with domestic and international flights. Should another temporary closure occur, Bali's Governor has stated that transportation to Surabaya will be provided to visitors who are unable to wait for the reopening of Bali Airport

Cultural Event: Tumpek Kandang

Tumpek Kandang is a day dedicated to animals, livestock and pets. It is a Balinese tradition to show gratitude to these animals that have been helping them in daily life. The Tumpek Kandang is celebrated on the 20th January 2018. On Tumpek kandang day, the Balinese present an offering to “Rare Angon”, the shepherd to celebrate all kinds of animals. The animals also provide harmony, which contributes to human substance (with livestock) and happiness with our pets. If you happen to be in Bali on this day, don’t miss this one of a kind tradition. 

Looking For Something To Do In Bali? Check Out The Waterbom Bali...!

The Waterbom Bali is the biggest waterpark in Bali that has been awarded the #1 waterpark in Asia by TripAdvisor. It is located just a 30 minute drive from Prime Plaza Suites Sanur – Bali, Waterbom Bali is one of top destinations that’s fit for kids and adults.

Pump your adrenaline with some of their thrilling slides that guarantee will make you scream! Or just simply relaxing in their lazy pool, while sipping your favorite cocktails, Waterbom Bali has something for everyone. Prime Plaza Suites - Sanur Bali offers exclusive rates to the Waterbom Bali, please contact our reception for more details.

Guests Review

Check out a review that was recently posted on TripAdvisor. To post a review and read more reviews, please visit our TripAdvisor page

1. Family and Friends Holiday by Kimmiewatt

We came to Bali to celebrate my sisters 40th birthday. There were 20 people in our group, young families, couples and grandparents. So we had a lot of different budgets and requirements for our stay in Bali. We all loved staying here, the staff were excellent, the facilities more than adequate and the area great. Our rooms were fantastic, clean and large.

2.It’s the little things by: michelle_I_co

Although the customer service, cleanliness, value for $, rooms, amenities & activities were exceptional, it was the 2 toned folded towel animals & messages made out of tongue depresses etc that were meticulously laid out on my bed each day that made it that little bit more special.

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