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Warmest greetings from the island of the gods and welcome to our e-newsletter for the month of  April 2021 with updates on what's happening around Bali and at the Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali.  

Galungan Day, one of Balinese important holidays will fall in April, witness the unique tradition that has been around for centuries. Easter is just around the corner, don’t miss out our great offer for a holiday with your friends and family during Easter. Prime Plaza suites Sanur Bali supports Solemen, a non – profit foundation that provides direct support and funding for disadvantaged in Bali. Read more on how you too can support them. Looking for something to do in Bali? Make your way to Waterbom Bali as we are offering special deal for a day pass to Waterbom Bali.

We are looking forward to welcoming your again at Pime Plaza Suites Sanur – Bali. 


Cultural Event: Galungan Day

Galungan is a Balinese Hindu holiday, which celebrates the victory of Dharma (good) over adharma (evil). This time round, Galungan day falls on April 14, 2021. As Galungan falls every 210 days, there are roughly 2 Galungan celebrations every calendar year. Balinese Hindus believe that during the Galungan period, the sacred ancestors of the family descend to their former homes. The current habitants have the responsibility to be hospitable to these spirits through prayers and offerings. Families who have ancestors that have not yet been cremated, but are still buried in the village cemetery, must present the offerings at the graves of the deceased. 
Although Galungan falls on a Wednesday, the celebration begins the day before, on a day that is called "Penampahan Galungan". On Penampahan Galungan day, people are busy preparing offerings and cooking for the next day, whilst the women of the household have been busy for days already, creating beautifully woven "Banten" (offerings made from young coconut leaves). Outside all houses, you can find "Penjor", a long decorated bamboo pole installed by the side of the entrance to the family home.
The day after Galungan is "Manis Galungan", a day for everyone to visit their relatives and friends. If you happen to be in Bali during Galungan, do not miss the opportunity to witness and capture this unique festival.


Easter Family Staycation

Easter is just around the corner, don’t miss out our great offer for staying during Easter.  Get a special price on our Easter Family Staycation:

• 1 Bedroom Suites at IDR 450.000 nett/night

• 2 bedroom suites no balcony at IDR 750.000 nett/night

The offer includes:

•  1 night stay in a specious apartment.

•  10% Discount on food & beverage.

•  Free wifi for 3 devices per room.

•  Free 1 X ice cream for max 2 kids

•  Free access to Camp Splash with waterslide

•  Free kids acivity

Term & Condition:

  1. Price includes 10% Government tax and 11% service charge.
  2. Rate based on room only
  3. Valid for staying up to April 5, 2021

For further information, please contact our reservation team on whatsapp: +628113977007 or e-mail to: For online booking please click here.


Prime Plaza Suites Sanur – Bali Supports Solemen

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’), an Indonesian non - profit foundation, provides direct support and funding for the disadvantaged in Bali. Established in October 2010, Solemen is one of Bali’s most trusted and visible charities. The Governor of Bali is Solemen’s ‘Pelindung’ (Guardian/Patron) and the charity is endorsed by the Bali Government Tourism Office and the Bali Hotels Association.

We’ve been supporting Solemen by selling teddy bears at our reception at cost price, the sale of the teddy bears is fully donated to the foundation. We are very fortunate to be able to support Solemen who in return are helping the less fortunate. You too can support Solemen by purchasing the teddy bears that are available at our reception desk. Your contribution means a lot to them.


What To Do In Bali? Waterbom Bali

The Waterbom Bali is the biggest waterpark in Bali that has received some awards. It is located just a 30 minute drive from Prime Plaza Suites Sanur – Bali, Waterbom Bali is one of top destinations that’s fit for kids and adults.

Pump your adrenaline with some of their thrilling slides that guarantee will make you scream! Or just simply relaxing in their lazy pool, while sipping your favorite cocktails, Waterbom Bali has something for everyone.

Waterbom Bali has been certified CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability) by the Minister Of Tourism and Creative Industry and currently open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Prime Plaza Suites Sanur offers exclusive rates to the Waterbom Bali, please contact our reception for more details.


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