Corporate Social Responsibility

“Bridge of Friendship” Charity Program

Prime Plaza Hotel & Suites Sanur - Bali cares deeply about supporting our local community. We give generously, both financially and with volunteer hours, in fact, we strive to have a direct, tangible impact on the quality of life in the communities where we operate our businesses and where our many of our employees live.  Our charity “Bridge of Friendship” helps many Balinese children and the disabled to reach their full potential and gain access to better education.

All guests are asked to assist in our charitable work.  A rp.10,000 per night charitable donation is added automatically added to each guest’s nightly charge. 100% of money received is passed directly to our nominated charity. You may also contribute directly by putting small change you may have into the donation box at the lobby

Let’s help these children to help themselves in reaching their full potential and make their dream come true.

Our recipients are:

Yayasan Bunga Bali
Jalan By Pass Prof. Dr. IB Mantra no 111
Denpasar – Bali
Telp : 0361 465943

 Wheel Chairs by Yayasan Bunga Bali

We are very proud to say that our continued work with Yayasan Bunga Bali is a roaring success.  A couple of months ago, our engineering department presented the foundation with a machine which would help them make wheelchairs.  Our Chief Engineer, along with his team, worked closely with the people at the Yayasan to carefully create the machine in a way that it would allow them to produce wheelchairs in a more timely manner.

In the past, it would have taken up to 3 weeks to make a wheel chair, from start to finish, and now the process can take as little as one day, or 3 days at the most.  Everyone at the Yayasan has been trained by our engineering team, and the project was overseen by our staff until everything was completely understood.  

In less than 3 months, the Yayasan has been able to create 19 wheel chairs, with only 5 yet to be sold. For these kind people, who were not seen as employable in the past, they have gained a sense of worth in the community, and their confidence levels have skyrocketed.

To go from someone asking for help to someone who provides the help is a rewarding position to be in, and all of the members of Yayasan Bunga Bali are now able to support themselves by creating and selling the wheelchairs.

This is proof that "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".


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